メンズ・レディースに加えユニセックスもラインナップした本ブランドは、普遍的で歴史あるAmerican TRADと常に新しくそれぞれの時代・社会や文化を背景に、街に集まる若者たちから発信されるSTREET FASHIONを融合した機能的で上質な普段着をコンセプトに、幅広いライフスタイルを送るユースに向けて発信していきます。


J.PRESS's Vision: Pioneering Tokyo's Contemporary Scene

This brand, offering a range of men's, women's, and unisex collections, embodies the essence of American TRAD, a timeless and historic style, while continually infusing the spirit of STREET FASHION, influenced by the ever-evolving dynamics of each era, society, and culture. The brand's concept revolves around crafting functional and high-quality everyday attire, catering to a diverse spectrum of lifestyles embraced by the youth who gather in the streets. J.PRESS is committed to delivering this unique blend to the world.